Hospitality and enthusiasm are the key competencies of our hospitality experts. We know what is important for guests, what is real value to them. From setting-up a new property to the daily service at the front desk, our hospitality department ensures that every customer will feel pampered.


Architectural expertise and commercial experience are the core values of our real estate experts. Extensive experience with the (inter)national housing market and a sharp eye for market trends are leading our real estate policies. The combination of taking good care of the property and providing high returns, creates satisfied clients and a fast growing real estate portfolio.


In collaboration with facility management, our constructors are able to rebuild the properties within a fixed deadline, so your floor plan is changed according to your preferences. With our help, renovation can be fast and well-organized.


Maritime industry is where you can find a lot of solid career opportunities. Our seamen are open for adventures and new areas to develop new processes and systems to explore and travel the seas, with maximum safety and minimal or no threat to its habitat and environment. Marine structures, vessels and ocean systems are unique because only a small number of each design is built, they are very large and complex, and they operate in this environment. Years of maritime experience has built solid expertise for our seamen.


Our farmworkers, gardeners and cultivation experts take part in the important processes of agriculture, such as planting, growing/cultivation, harvest, processing and packaging of plants, vegetables and flowers while the farmers can be secure of correct end-results. From the open fields to high-tech production environments, DUTCHSTAR is always expanding and always has careers available.