Our IT professionals are always up to date with the latest developments in the software and hardware industry. They work together on innovative in-house software and alluring applications and websites, from the first sketches to stand-alone operational platforms. In collaboration with graphic designers our software developers passionately work in our IT department.


From finding a suitable candidate to mentoring existing employees, it is a precise process that repeatedly requires the finest details of our recruiters & HR managers. Our HR department ensures that working at DUTCHSTAR is pleasant for everyone not only at the office, but also during business trips. In addition, they offer ambitious candidates the opportunity to develop a successful career at DUTCHSTAR.


Lawyers who work at DUTCHSTAR always stay up to date in terms of regulatory compliance. They are attentive to details, so the agreements include all the necessary information. In case our clients face challenges, we make sure to take part in dispute resolving, so both parties are satisfied with the final solution.


Extensive experience with (inter)national transactions allows our accountants and auditors to provide top service. Accountants and financial advisors of DUTCHSTAR are the right hand of management. Because of their expertise and experience in – increasingly complex – areas of international accountancy, tax and corporate finance, revenue management they are the best advisers to clients of our real estate department.


Representative and clear, those are the key elements of our PR and communication policies. Our PR agents optimize our marketing strategies on daily basis. A diverse and experienced team is launching our new products and services and know how to bring them to the public in a creative, attractive and visible way. Communication tigers are at work at DUTCHSTAR, which keep biting until the message is seen and experienced.


Skill and precision are key for our workers. Our experienced and result-driven labor team is extremely important to our company image. Housekeeping will not stop until everything is clean, tidy and perfectly working, so the customer can be accommodated with full satisfaction. Construction department does its best to maintain properties in decent condition and manage the building process in the most efficient way. With our farmworkers, farmers are not bothered with additional recruitment processes. Our maritime certified professionals are always ready for the high seas.


Our customer service team handles inquiries of the clients with the most helpful vibes, covering multiple time zones and languages. We do not just use templates, we train our agents so the conversations always flows with a personal attention. Our account managers manage relationships with your most important clients with the most dedicated focus.


Our design team consists of talented creatives. Graphic designers with thorough knowledge of UI/UX create artworks, websites and products adjusted to the target audience so to receive the ultimate end-result. Product managers innovatively reach the final plan for architecture, provide guidance and supervise new product development workflow.