Helpful tips before you go looking for an internship:

Sell ​​yourself in 1 minute

You sit on the bike and thinking about your career. In five minutes you meeting friends at the cinema. Your girlfriend would bring some friends. Once you arrive at the cinema, you’ll be introduced to the new director of your dream company. You will be amazed and know not to give word. This was your chance of success.


This should of course be avoided. You have as a successful entrepreneur be prepared for every situation. Therefore, it is important to present yourself well at any time of the day. This may be an elevator pitch. You know, a conversation of one minute where you sell yourself. The trick to win important people for you. An elevator pitch is nothing more than selling yourself on the rise. Or: how long you sit in the elevator? Never longer than one minute. So at that time you have to sell yourself. That is quite a challenge.

Something about yourself

In such a pitch you talk about your qualities and what makes you so strong in what you do. As the director of your dream company asks you: “Imagine yourself for a moment.” It is not intended that you are going to recite your resume. It is much nicer and more professional if you can name in a fun and interesting way what makes you so good.

Interesting qualities

When you start making a pitch, you should have a clear goal. You want them to know who you are and what you stand for? Or do you want that you adopted? In that case you must clear adapt to the company and make your pitch perfectly fits the vision of the company you want to work happy. You do not know where to start? Pick up a blank sheet of paper and write down what makes you unique. This called unique selling points, your unique qualities. Are you for example spontaneously and are you good at sports? Then you write these properties. All these things make you clear who you are.

Avoid clichés

If you have written a text containing your unique selling points, you have to take another critical look at. No clichés there are in? For example, thousands of people who are good at “dealing with people.” You’re not unique. Try as much as possible to describe how well you then can deal with people. For example, you are very patient, or loyalty? One company has a better idea on how you can be an addition to the company.


When you’re done, you can leave the reading to people who know you well. For example, your parents or friends or girlfriends. They know which properties you own and often confirm your select can still criticize. There you can adjust your pitch over again.

Dare to negotiate with your job interview

For most students need a job. Unfortunately, these jobs are not for the taking, thus we tend to equate to accept a job even if the salary is not satisfactory. Yet there is often room for negotiation. Are you going to negotiate? Keep in mind the following points.

Prepare for

Good preparation is half the work, make use of it. Make sure you know what peers with the same experience in this industry earn their second job and let them know you’re here informed. If you can not indicate, employers will probably try low scale. Through proper preparation you’ll be confident about and you create a good starting position for yourself.

Set a minimum for yourself

Before you start negotiating, it is advisable to determine for yourself what you want to earn and what the minimum wage is where you want to work for. There must be a point where you say “for less than this amount, I do not.”

Forget fringe benefits not

Your salary is obviously very important, but if there is not much slack as possible, think about the benefits. Examples of benefits include travel expenses, company car, telephone, laptop, bonuses and spells. If the employer is not willing to raise the proposal, you can try to improve the proposal with these benefits.

Think for a moment at home

Did you receive a proposal? Accept it or not equal, and whether you can later come back. It is important to take the time for a correct decision. Compare the proposal with similar jobs and ask friends and family what they think. It is a good sign that the employer gives you the ability to have to think about it. This means that he or she is interested. When the feedback you can respond to this by asking for a better offer. An employer is willing to pay something extra for a good employee.